One of the key components to the Australian lifestyle is outdoor living and entertainment. From leisurely meals to celebratory events, all can be enjoyed on a regular basis under the shelter of a pergola.


By providing shelter from inclement weather, as well as protection from the harsh summer sun, pergolas ensure your deck is in full-use all year round. At Thomson’s, our experienced staff can assist with determining the appropriate design and materials for your structure’s intended use, such as whether the pergola has an open roof or covered, is flat or pitched, the pergola’s height and timber choices. Pergolas are the ultimate compliment to any deck, and can also be designed as an architectural feature, carport, or freestanding pergola, which make for beautiful garden retreats.

When planning the installation of a pergola one must first identify the use for which the pergola is intended, as this can, at times, affect the design. For example, a covered pergola can be installed with lighting, heating, ceiling fans and furnishings, all safeguarded from the elements. However, ceiling lights and ceiling fans often require a covered pitched section as part of the design. Pergolas can also be devised to allow adequate natural light into any existing adjacent rooms.

At Thomson’s, we offer an extensive range of high quality timber, which can be oiled or painted to meet your needs. Pergola roof covering materials are available in a wide selection of Colorbond or clear and tinted heat-resistant polycarbonate sheeting.