Our Services available at Thomsons 

It’s important for us to be able to offer a complete and flexible service for our customers. Whilst we specialise in providing a comprehensive service to our home handyman/do-it-yourself customers, we also provide an installation service undertaken by licensed tradesmen, to make life easier for you.

So whether it’s the installation of a functional pergola or the creation of a charming stainless steel balustrade in Sydney or rustic timber balustrade you need help with, we are your premier choice! We are also the best one-stop-shop for other home projects like beautifully designed bespoke decks and pergolas in the Sydney area.

Services Include: 

  • Design Advice
  • Construction Advice
  • Concept
  • Consultancy
  • Site Inspection
  • Free Local Delivery
  • Loan Of Tools
  • Painting
  • Diy Pergola & Deck Kits

Design Services

We can advise you on what would be best for your property, from a few tips to full design briefs by our experienced designers.

Drop into our yard for help from our friendly staff who can provide advice and tips on what would be suitable for your space and needs. Rest assured we are always ever ready to share our knowledge with you. Our main area of expertise is in the provision of design advice and construction tips to the home handyman. While you’re here, take a look at the different styles of treated pine, hardwood decking and screening timbers we have available.

We are open 6 days a week and offer a free local delivery service.


Full Installations

You can take advantage of our full installation service. Our licenced tradesmen can complete the job fully for you with the minimum of disruption to your property.

We can even give advice for the preparations of council drawings.

Typical jobs include decks, pergolas, decorative, lattice, latch gates, privacy screens etc.

We Can Come to You 

Free local site inspection – we can visit your home and offer advice on what would suit your property the best. We are available for both design and construction advice for the DIY.


Prefabricated Work

We will prepare the kit to your specifications/design requirements ready for you to pick up from our timber yard. The kit will include helpful instructions and everything you need. We can arrange for the kit to be delivered in stages to suit your needs.

Our prefabrication services also include:

Trade Services

Trade Sales

  • Timber sales
  • Pre-cut to size
  • Framed screens and lattice
  • Prefabrication work for trades


  • Nails, bolts, screw etc
  • Gate hinges, D-latch, etc
  • Polycarbonate roof sheeting
  • … and more

Decking Oils 

  • Cutek Oil Large range
  • Cutek Tints
  • Cutek Proclean

Stainless Steel Wires & Fittings

  • Made to measure