Outdoor Awnings

Privacy and protection with style
Awnings on doors and windows provide practical protection against weather extremes, insulating your home against heat and glare and shielding your foot-traffic areas against rain and wind.

A patio or balcony awning provides comfort and extends living areas for everyday functionality and entertaining. The addition of awnings to windows, doors or terraced areas in styles that match your property’s general presentation will add property value to your home as well as practical amenity to your daily life.

Awning styles
The experienced staff at Thomson’s can advise you on the right awning materials and style for your purpose. We supply quality timber and other awning materials for all practical purposes around the home.

Choose from:

Carbolite awnings

Providing UV protection in lightweight, durable material, carbolite is ideal for awnings without posts, whether for doors, windows, or more generous spaces, such as a patio. As they can be suspended, carbolite awnings also suite compact spaces where there is no room for additional supporting beams.

Timber awnings

A benefit of timber awnings are that they can be designed to include federation accessories such as friezes, finials, brackets, pickets and capitals or provided with other decorative timber, finished to match traditional or contemporary architecture, blending seamlessly to your home.